Cappuccino and Chai

Just a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar and these two sisters from a different mister will take you around the world on their many adventures, both across the globe and in their own backyards. With a little bit of style, a cup of coffee in hand, some sisterly love, and a whole lot of fun; they plan to bring a new adventure to you every week!


Okay so let’s get this out of the way first…I’m way behind on blog posting!! Between finals and Alec arriving in London I have had no time to throw together a post. So in honor of my favorite man being here now i have an amazing adventure update for you from our trip this past weekend to Iceland. I know what you are thinking…”isn’t there a volcano erupting there now” “it’s got to miserably cold in December” “why Iceland??” Unless you are like us where laying on a beach is far too unadventurous maybe this isn’t sounding like your ideal vacation, but before you add Iceland to your places not to go list hear me out because it’s BEAUTIFUL. The weather is as you guessed freezing, but the landscape is unique and snow covered constantly.

We spent our first day in Iceland doing a tour day through Extreme Iceland and Gray Line. We chose the South Coast tour which included two waterfalls, a black sand beach, basalt columns, and a glacier hike! The coach bus took down the coast to the first waterfall where we got out briefly and then carried on to the hike. We geared up with crampons and ice axes and spent about 2 hours hiking on the 4th largest glacier in Iceland. Being December it was entirely snow covered making us hikers a bit nervous about the conditions, but all went smoothly and we saw some of the most beautiful sights on the whole trip. After returning to the bus we continued to the black sand beach and basalt columns where the wind was whipping at hurricane speed in freezing temperatures and the sea looked like something straight out of the movie The Perfect Storm. After 50 attempts at photos on the beach 49 of which my eyes are closed squinting from the harsh wind we headed to our last stop the final waterfall. It was dark but lit up by spotlights since Iceland winters see daylight from roughly 11am to 4pm.

We headed back to Reykjavik and hopped straight on another tour bus which was a 2 hour tour turned to 5 and we finally got back to the hotel at 2am. But let me tell you it was worth every second because we saw the Northern Lights at 3 different locations. I’ve never seen so many shooting stars in my life and the lights were twirling into the sky. As Alec  and I stood there we couldn’t help but take in every second in awe. It was magical and romantic in all of the corniest movie ways. We soaked up every moment before heading back and ordering Dominos pizza and cinna stix at 3am haha!

The next day we slept in a little too much but finally got up and packed and headed to the Blue Lagoon before the airport. The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring that is a beautiful tropical blue color and around 102 degrees. A natural hot tub! They have complimentary algae masks and drinks plus a great shop to get all of their amazing and natural Icelandic skin products. I may have bought a few! Their mud mask and moisturizer leave your skin baby soft. It was a perfectly relaxing way to end our trip and I couldn’t have asked to spend it with anyone better!



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