Cappuccino and Chai

Just a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar and these two sisters from a different mister will take you around the world on their many adventures, both across the globe and in their own backyards. With a little bit of style, a cup of coffee in hand, some sisterly love, and a whole lot of fun; they plan to bring a new adventure to you every week!


So let me paint you a picture, it’s the beginning of December and instead of freezing your you know what off in the frigid North you’re sitting at the edge of a tropical lagoon in the Greek Islands…oh and it’s 80 degrees outside. Winning. Crete is a magical escape away from real life and the only negative is not having more time to stay and explore more. And maybe the fact that public transportation could practically be non-existent and no one would know. So when I say please rent a car if you go…take my word for it. If you’re anything like me and think “oh but it’s so tiny on the map it couldn’t take more than 2 hours to drive it all” think again it takes 8. Ugh. But now onto the good part which is everything else! I flew into Chania Airport and from there drove about 45 minutes southwest to the city center of Chania. I was only able to see the west side of the island due to time but if you have the chance definitely explore the rest especially if you like climbing and hiking. The island is full of gorges, but the west side is known more for its beaches.

I landed late at night and only had a quick day to explore before heading back to Athens so I was as fast paced as possible to see all I could. I explored the town of Chania in the evening and sat down to a giant Greek feast full of gyros, baklava, greek salad and everything else as cliche as possible! The next morning I went back into town for breakfast and explored the waterfront area. The weather was perfect and the sky as clear as could be.

After enjoying the view I drove down the west coast to Balos Lagoon. You can drive down a dirt road along a cliff edge for about 8 miles until you reach a shed where you park. After that its a three mile hike down to the lagoon. It is the most scenic tropical scene hidden away from everyday life. After finally making it to the sand I spent the rest of the day swimming and playing in the water before facing the reality of having to leave the island.  It was a trip I will never forget and definitely somewhere I would love to go back to!



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