Cappuccino and Chai

Just a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar and these two sisters from a different mister will take you around the world on their many adventures, both across the globe and in their own backyards. With a little bit of style, a cup of coffee in hand, some sisterly love, and a whole lot of fun; they plan to bring a new adventure to you every week!


This post is near to my heart because it is truly a summary of my entire abroad experience. I knew from the moment I was accepted into the study abroad program that I wanted to find a unique way to document my time traveling. I wanted something I would be able to share with family and friends and keep in an album or scrapbook of sorts. So I made it a goal that every place I visited I had photos taken near monuments or on scenic hikes and I just briefly labeled it “Walking Europe”. I am so excited to share this gallery and hope you enjoy browsing through it!

The last photo in this album is a picture of my flatmate Nate and I. Most of the photos above with the exception of the Iceland pictures were taken on the trips we took together. This amazing memory would not have been possible without him and his incredible (and patient haha) photography skills. So Nate, thank you for creating this memory with me it will certainly last a lifetime and it was such a blast.



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