Cappuccino and Chai

Just a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar and these two sisters from a different mister will take you around the world on their many adventures, both across the globe and in their own backyards. With a little bit of style, a cup of coffee in hand, some sisterly love, and a whole lot of fun; they plan to bring a new adventure to you every week!

Where to begin?!? – We grew up in the cute, little, historical town of Annapolis, MD, playing sports and attending Catholic school.  Although there is a 10 year age difference between us, we have always made it a priority to catch-up with each other over cappuccinos and chais at our favorite watering hole, City Dock.

Coffee and Travel have been a huge part of our relationship.  In our opinion, coffee is a way for people to sit down with one another and have a real conversation.  In a world where texting, tweeting, and always looking at your phone are the norm, it’s nice to take a few minutes, or maybe a couple of hours out of the day, to have real conversations with people.

Traveling is another passion that we share.  Traveling can be crossing the globe and entering a whole new world, or finding adventures in your own backyard.  It’s about embracing the many things your community has to offer, both locally and globally.  Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone, and makes you adapt and interact in another person’s world.

Annie is currently a full-time student in her 5th and final year at Syracuse University, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Architecture. She is living and studying in the snowiest city in America, Syracuse. Katie is currently packing up the Aloha life in Hawaii to move back to the East coast. She loves being a full-time mom, volunteer, and is currently pregnant with #2!  Her son, Mickey, accompanies her on her many adventures. Between the two of us, we have covered: 5 continents, 18 countries, and 28 of 50 states.  Although we our separated by our lifestyles, this blog allows us to stay in touch and to sit down, once in a while, when Annie isn’t too busy studying, and Katie isn’t going too crazy chasing after her toddler, to meet over coffee, and write about our latest adventure.

So sit back, brew a cup, and enjoy the stories, travel tips, and chaos that encompasses our lives!



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